This Side of Consciousness

Mikey Siegel

episode 105

NASA engineer, Stanford University lecturer, TED talker, consciousness hacker—is there anything Mikey Siegel can't do?  The answer: We'll soon find out. See, Mikey is on one serious mission—to change the world from the inside out by starting with the alleviation of that nasty little bug that bites us all: human suffering. As Mikey explains: "My focus is on supporting the development of totally new transformative tools and technologies that can revolutionize the way we relate to ourselves, each other, and the world. I believe that every single human endeavor can be a catalyst for collective awakening, and that is the evolutionary direction for our species." We can't wait to see what Mikey comes up with next. But first, hear all the hows and whys in this undeniably* mind-expanding conversation.

*If you do deny it, you must ask yourself why—thus, expanding your mind.


The Dynamic (Mindful) Duo 

Maureen Pelton & Charlie Hartwell

(with special guest cookie)

episode 104

Some couples argue about who should take out the garbage or pick up the kids.  Maureen Pelton and Charlie Hartwell only show hints of frustration when insisting that the other should realize how well-rounded they are. It's a nice problem to have, especially since most of their moments together is spent engaged in their favorite pastime: laughing. The rest is occupied with changing the world by helping raise our collective consciousness.

As co-founders of the ShiftIt Institute, Maureen and Charlie aim to help individuals realize their best, truest self. That effort is complemented by the venture capital efforts of Bridge Builders, which invests in mindfulness companies that are utilizing the most innovative technology and communications. In all, Maureen and Charlie are making a difference every day--sometimes one person at a time, sometimes by the millions. Who wouldn't smile at that?

Embracing Regular

Kaiser Clark

episode 103

Achieving the status of being a regular, average guy might not sound like much. But for Kaiser Clark, it’s the biggest accomplishment of his life so far.  Growing up with severe ADHD and struggling with substance abuse from a very young age, Kaiser used to think obtaining mythic powers, changing who he was, and becoming "special" was the answer to his problems.

On his quest, he utilized various forms of meditation and even had an experience he called "piercing the veil of consciousness." But Kaiser now feels that none of that really matters much. It’s about surrendering, becoming more of who you are, and living as best you can.

Out of Sight

Shelli Nelson

episode 102

Shelli Nelson's story is likely very different from most of ours, but she is emphatic that she is just a regular, average person.  Diagnosed with Type I Diabetes at the tender age of 10, she has endured lifetimes of pain and suffering.  Completely losing her sight by age 24 after many painful procedures to save her eyes, Shelli faced years of tortuous complications from the disease including multiple organ transplants and rejections, lymphatic cancer, hepatitis, heart disease, and two strokes (just to name some).

You might think healing is only for the very sick, but according to Shelli, it is not only available to everyone, but necessary.  It's actually the meaning of life and you will keep coming back until you understand this.  In her new book, Your Story is Your Medicine, Shelli gives practical steps you can take, no matter how average or even mundane your life may seem. 


Close Encounters of the Pete Kind

Mindfulness Schmindfulness

episode 101

Five sure-fire steps to the perfect life. One burrito half-eaten by Ozzie. And Pete making contact. A Schmindfulness for the ages—both here and beyooooond.

Man on a Mission

R. Adam Engle

Episodes 99 & 100

The very fact that you're reading this sentence has something to do with R. Adam Engle. No, he didn't invent the internet or anything. He just happened to co-found the Mind and Life Institute and develop, back in the 1980s, the very first Mind and Life Dialogues between the 14th Dalai Lama and a panel of some of the world's most prominent scientists. 

The result? A wave of new research, understanding, and acceptance of mindful practice and effectiveness in the West—culminating (well, sorta) with Time magazine declaring the beginning of a "Mindful Revolution" in 2014.

Hear this pioneer describe how a kid from Yonkers helped a 2,500 year old Eastern tradition take root in a country that tends to be more concerned with the latest thing.

Shades of True

Tami Simon

episode 96 & 97

Whether it be on a retreat into literal darkness that helped her contemplate her life so far, or the bright and bustling business she has built over the past three decades, Tami Simon pursues truth in every corner it may hide. As the founder of Sounds True, a multimedia publishing company that offers spiritual wisdom from the likes of Eckhart Tolle, Jon Kabat-Zinn, and Pema Chodron—among so many others—Simon has built a profound resource for those seeking to understand. And now Simon is adding to the conversation herself with the audio program Being True. Take a listen—right after listening to her tell us the story of how she came to be one of the consciousness movement's most influential promoters. 

Endless Journey

Radhanath Swami

episode 94 & 95

Growing up in Chicago during the 1950s and 1960s, Radhanath Swami (then Richard Slavin) had plenty to be restless about—civil rights injustices, Vietnam, and a general aversion to the trappings of suburban comfort. By 19, he'd had enough. It was time to go in search of something greater. That quest took him—as a penniless hitchhiker—though Greece, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and finally, to India. It was there that he embarked on a more than 45-year study of Bhakti yoga that has included living in Himalayan caves and forests. His early travels were documented in the book The Journey Home and more recent explorations are brought to light in his new book, The Journey Within. But before you read both, be sure to hear Radhanath Swami tell Pete and Jay how he searches for the underlying love and simplicity in everything he does and uses it to guide his every moment. 



Building Bridges for the Mind

Charlie Hartwell

episode 92 & 93

Charlie Hartwell has always pursued balance. He complemented his degrees from Brown and Harvard with the education that comes from world travels that included hitchhiking alone by night on desolate roads. While working on Wall Street by day, he spent nights helping start a charity in Africa. He excelled at marketing for the likes of Heinz and Pillsbury while always searching for the intangible—the words that couldn't be spoken.

It makes perfect sense that he's now using his business acumen to help expand consciousness across the globe. As the operating partner in Bridge Builders Collaborative and co-founder, with his wife Maureen, of ShiftIt Institute, Hartwell is driving the evolution of an ancient tradition to provide comfort and insight to those who need it most. Hear how he came to this latest pursuit and why he believes this effort will be the defining achievement of his life.

1) Marketing 2) Spiritual Journey 3) Writing 4) Repeat

Karan Bajaj

episodes 90 & 91

All of us talk about it. There's something else we feel like we should be doing—if only we knew what. Or how. Or where. Karan Bajaj was born and raised in the Indian Himalayas, but it was only when he became a successful marketer—earning the title of "top 40 under 40" by Advertising Age in 2007—that he started to feel the call toward a more spiritual path. But that didn't mean abandoning his life and accomplishments completely. Instead, Bajaj embarked on a rather inventive system of working 4 years on and 1 year off. In the "unscripted" periods, he travels the world, writes, and deepens his exploration of Eastern mysticism.

Bajaj's books include Johnny Gone Down (a #1 bestseller in India) and his latest novel, The Yoga of Max's Discontent. A beloved blogger who offers regular tips on writing and meditation, Bajaj has been published in the New York Times, Washington Post, and more.

Hear his highly accessible perspectives on living mindfully in a fairly mindless world, the many questions raised when discussing the afterlife, and the art of honoring your inclinations while making your sure always leave that window open for the next adventure.

Mailbag #2

Pete and Jay

episode 89

S&M. Meatball subs. Interviewing Swamis. What don't Pete and Jay cover in this episode of "Mailbag"? Hear them answer questions from listeners across the country on the great central issues of our time. This episode tackles quick fixes for anxiety, the roots of their interest in mindfulness, and how they use their natural curiosity to talk to some of the wisest people in the world. Pour yourself a milkshake and get ready for some good old-fashioned fun. 

Pristine Peace

Ellie Burrows

Episode 87

When one steps into MNDFL, it's easy to think you've made a wrong turn. Meditation studios are supposed to be a little dusty, a little impersonal. They certainly do not look like that Hamptons beach house you saw in that design magazine. But MNDFL's founders, Ellie Burrows (chief executive officer) and Lodro Rinzler (chief spiritual officer), had a different idea when they conceived of their new venture: create a drop-in meditation space where one can feel at home (literally), and where the "tradition" is simply soft music, plush couches, and hot tea. The studio on 8th Street in Greenwich Village has attracted lots of attention from the likes of The New York Times, Vogue, and beyond. In Episode 87, hear Ellie describe her own personal journey as well as the unique ideas that brought this pioneering space to life.

Feel that Astral Flooooowwwwwwwwww

Cory Allen

Episode 85

Hop aboard Cory Allen's spaceship as he explains the many places his music might take you. Feel like spelunking in the labyrinth of your soul? It can do that. Maybe shoot out into the deepest ends of the universe? It can do that too. And when not composing and producing music, Cory can lead you on one serious guided meditation. So sit back and let his smooth baritone words ease you across this spectrum of mindful conversation. After, be sure to listen to his binaural beats and other music—or catch his excellent podcast The Astral Hustle, on which Pete and Jay were honored to be featured on April 11.


Pete and Jay

Episode 84

What happens when excited Meditate This! fans across the United States get a chance to ask Pete and Jay any questions they want? Well, let's just say the U.S. Postal Service had to work a lot of overtime last month—like they do during the Christmas deluge, delivering letters full of dreams and inquiry to Santa Claus. But it was all well worth it because we've got answers to some of your deepest and darkest questions (well, not that dark). So join Pete and Jay as they respond to listeners who wonder how they can de-stress, find more time during the day, and, you know, what exactly happens when we die. Just another day at the office for Pete and Jay. Enjoy! (Note: no reindeer were used in the making of this episode.) 

Dr. Eben Alexander

The Meaning of Life (and Skydiving)

Episodes 82 & 83

We've all heard about it. The warm, bright light someone sees when they're near death. The angelic, universal hum. The feeling of everything being, as Radiohead once sang, "in its right place."

Well, imagine that experience being reflected and championed by a renowned neurosurgeon who understands the mysteries of the brain better than almost anyone.

With his New York Times bestseller, Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the AfterlifeDr. Eben Alexander gained immediate attention from believers and skeptics alike as he detailed his experience of traveling to a harmonious realm while in a coma after contracting bacterial meningitis. This episode changed him from a materialist scientist to a spiritual mystic in pursuit of bringing the message of unconditional love to the masses.

We dive right in with Dr. Alexander and learn how meditation can take us to the domain where consciousness and free-will are the true foundations of this universe. Climb aboard and take the trip!

Who's Ready for Authenticity?

Maureen Pelton

episode 80 & 81

What is your authentic self, and where the heck can you find it?  Before you answer, take note: Our guest in episode 80 discovered her true self 30 years ago during a multi-dimensional, mystical experience.

Ever since then, Maureen Pelton has been on a journey to help others along their own path of self-discovery.  She is founder of the ShiftIt Institute, which  includes integrative psychotherapy, coaching, and consulting to 150 organizations, training health care professionals and facilitating workshops. 

As Maureen tells us, many people are afraid to search for their authentic self.  It's not always pleasant, and might even challenge your relationships with the people who love you the most.  If you’ve always felt there was something missing in your life, maybe you’re ready to start the journey—right here on Meditate This! Podcast (of all places).  


Yin Style

Alana Kessler

episodes 78 & 79

Alana Kessler isn't just founder, owner, and director of Sangha Yoga Shala—she's also a member. Yoga, especially Yin Yoga, has provided the perspective she needs to stay healthy and grounded each day. With a master’s in clinical nutrition and a bachelor’s in nutrition and dietetics from NYU, she knows well how essential the relationship is between a happy body and a happy mind. 

Hear her chronicle a nearly decade-long struggle with an eating disorder and how she found her way through to the healthy state she now enjoys. When in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, be sure to stop by the studio and say hello or explore her new health and wellness website, The Heart Practice.  

How I Meditate

Paul Gilmartin

episode 77

Today's guest on How I Meditate is the American stand-up comedian Paul Gilmartin, host of the very popular podcast, The Mental Illness Happy Hour.   To learn more about Paul, check out his website at and listen to episodes 48 & 49 of The Meditate This! Podcast.   Visit How I Meditate to experience all that we have to offer in bringing you these personal meditation stories.  And remember to share with your friends!

Toni Bernhard

Living Well—While Living with Illness

Episodes 74 & 75

A trip to the grocery store. A day spent shopping for new jeans. While we may see these tasks as mundane, even tedious, these are just two things that Toni Bernhard is no longer able to do.

With an illness that keeps her mostly confined to bed, Bernhard, a longtime Buddhist practitioner,shares her story by writing through the pain and exhaustion that each day brings. Her first book, How to Be Sick: A Buddhist-Inspired Guide for the Chronically Ill and Their Caregivers began as a manual for herself, but she soon realized they were words others needed to hear. The work won two Nautilus Book Awards: a gold medal in self-help/psychology and a silver medal in memoir. It was also named one of the "Best Books of 2010" by Spirituality and Practice magazine.

Her second book, How to Wake Up: A Buddhist-Inspired Guide to Navigating Joy and Sorrow, coincides with her increased presence on social media, and a life now spent interacting with sick individuals all over the world. Her blog  “Turning Straw Into Gold” is published on Psychology Today's website.

Now her third book, How to Live Well with Chronic Pain and Illness: A Mindful Guide, offers patients and caregivers a new perspective on finding acceptance for what is and finding a path in the search for well-being.

Gene Baur

A Sanctuary for All...

episode 73

TIME magazine once called Gene Baur "the conscience of the food movement," and it's easy to see why. A vegan who has been championing animal rights for more than three decades, Baur co-founded the animal rescue organization Farm Sanctuary in 1986. His efforts has earned widespread media coverage—including an appearance on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart—and he has penned two books. Take a listen to this passionate and informative episode, and hear Gene describe his vision for a future where man lives in harmony with all the animals of the earth.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year?

episode 72

Feel it? That holiday magic coursing through your veins and lighting your feelings with love and joy? We sincerely hope you do.

But what if you don't? Well, that's okay too. The holiday season is loaded with all kinds of pressure—but you are entitled to embrace wherever you are. So take a listen as Pete and Jay offer tips on how to stay your authentic self amidst what might be some pretty, pretty intense moments of cheer.

Darya Rose

The Mind-Stomach Connection

episode 58

In 2006, Darya Rose discovered a scientific secret—one that proved we could prevent and possibly cure most major diseases. So what was this magic pill called? Simple: food.  A neuroscience Ph.D and author of the book Foodist,  Rose has spent her career advocating for better nutrition as a means to a healthy body...and mind. A recent transplant from San Francisco to New York City with her husband, tech entrepreneur Kevin Rose, Rose actively posts to Summer Tomato, which she created in 2009 and was named one of TIME magazine's 50 Best Websites of 2011. Take a listen and discover some of her secrets for feeling better—one bite at a time.

Bill George

The "CEO" of Mindful Leadership

episode 57

Sure, he was the CEO of Medtronic and a senior executive at Honeywell and Litton Industries. And sure he sits on the Board of Directors for Exxon Mobil, the Mayo Clinic, and Goldman Sachs.  And yes, he's a professor of Management Practice and a Henry B. Arthur Fellow of Ethics at Harvard Business School.

But Bill George is no central casting idea of a "businessman." A meditation practitioner for more than 40 years, Bill has spent long periods on retreat and still starts each plane trip with a 20-minute meditation. So listen to this very special perspective from a man who is trying to help leaders transform their thinking from "me" to "we."

Andrew Hill

Beefing Up the Brain

episode 56

As the lead neuroscientist for TruBrain who teaches a course on healthy brain aging at UCLA,  Dr. Andrew Hill is someone worth paying attention to—if your brain matters to you, that is. In this episode, he explains nootropics and how they can help you focus, how neurofeedback training can aid those with addiction and depression, and how mindfulness can help alleviate the toll stress takes on your brain. You'll feel new clarity and motivation just from listening. Oh, and Pete tries to solve a riddle (unsuccessfully). Tune in!

Julie Piatt (aka Sri Mati)

Music + Food + Connection = Evolution 

episode 55

Experiencing a life of twist and turns from a challenging childhood in Alaska to eventually curing herself of an "incurable" cyst, Julie Piatt (aka Sri Mati) has relentlessly pursued a spiritual connection. A self-described modern mystic, Julie became born-again at 10, turned to drugs at age 12,  and eventually found her creative soul in her late 20s.  Perhaps best known for designing her Ultra-Athlete husband Rich Roll's plant-based diet, Julie is also a singer-songwriter, yoga and meditation instructor, and accomplished plant-based chef.  

She developed her own guided meditation series, called Jai Meditation, that she credits with helping her find her musical voice during the healing process. Most recently, she and Rich have published an inspiring cookbook called The Plantpower Way, which was just featured in a The New York Times article.

Sit back and enjoy the story of Julie's life—and a few samples of the music it inspired.  

Eric Forbis

Reaching the Summit

episode 54

Eric Forbis is co-founder and co-director of the Mindful Leadership Summit in Washington, DC, which brings together leaders from across the country to explore how to become more mindful and compassionate. 

Eric is also co-founder and director of BuddhaFest, a four-day festival of films, talks, meditation and music—inspired by the principles of mindfulness and compassion. The festival has been held annually for six years in the Washington, DC area.

Susan Piver

Heart Wide Open

episode 53

Years ago, a near-fatal car crash changed the course of Susan Piver's life. But it didn't mean she suddenly gained perfect clarity. Proving that one builds their world brick-by-brick, Piver started along a winding path that would lead her eventually to start the Open Heart Project, become a New York Times bestselling author of eight books, and sit in conversation with the likes of Oprah Winfrey and Katie Couric. Give her story and her ideas a listen—and just try to not be enchanted.

Lynne Goldberg

O. M. G.

episode 52

A series of tragic events brought Lynne Goldberg away from the business life she'd always envisioned toward an existence that pays more attention to, well, existence. After study with the likes of Deepak Chopra, Sri Dharma Mittra, and Tony Robbins, Lynne co-founded OMG.  I Can Meditate!—a website and App that is billed as "the world's easiest and most enjoyable way to learn to meditate." Hear Lynne describe how OMG came to be and why you may just change your life with a few tweaks to your daily routine.

Allison Carmen

Call her "Maybe"

Episode 51

The illusion was perfectly in place 15 years ago. Allison Carmen had the high-powered job as an attorney, the family she always wanted, and the comfortable life track on which she could theoretically cruise. But underneath the cool veneer, she was nearly in panic. Every step felt perilous, every chance seemed likely to fail. The world was uncertain, which made it nearly unbearable. 

But she didn't buckle. Instead, she searched—not for security, but for the unlikely ability to face the concept of maybe (maybe good, maybe awful, maybe just "eh") in everything. Suddenly, the narrowing box of unpredictability expanded and the world became more nuanced, more complex—and more full of possibility. The danger of maybe transformed into the power of maybe. Now a life coach and business consultant for major companies, artists, actors, writers, and more, she's also written a popular book The Gift of Maybe: Finding Hope and Possibility in Uncertain Times. A regular contributor to Psychology Today and The Huffington Post, hear Allison's passion for maybe come through and, hopefully, lead you to put your faith in it as well.


Mo Edjlali

Dipping Two Feet Into Mindfulness

Episode 50

Mo Edjlali had it all—a degree from Virginia Tech, his own technology staffing firm, and a really nice car. Things were looking good as could be until the crash of 2008 came along and, suddenly, wiped away his business, his bank account, and most of his self-confidence. What emerged was a new perspective, which soon became the basis for a life more and more focused on mindfulness and meaning. Now the co-founder of Mindful Leader Inc., Mo co-produces the Mindful Leadership Summit in Washington DC each fall and is organizing other new events throughout the year. Hear all about his unusual path to this new life and the equally unusual bathtub mindfulness practice he had as a child.


Paul Gilmartin

Mental Illness…With a Twist

Episodes 48 & 49

If you watched TV at any point between 1995 and 2011, there's a good chance you saw Paul Gilmartin co-hosting the very entertaining cooking/comedy skits on the TBS show Dinner and a Movie. You may also have seen him performing on the shows Politically Incorrect and The Late Show With Craig Ferguson, as well as his own half-hour special Comedy Central Presents Paul Gilmartin. What you didn't see, however, is the deep pain that Paul was often hiding. Throughout an impressive career he has struggled with severe depression, which he still works to manage through medication, meditation, and a general regime of healthy living. 

Gilmartin was so inspired by the art of overcoming depression, he wanted to let others know they're not alone and, hopefully, offer some paths to possible solutions. Since 2011, The Mental Illness Happy Hour has been one of the most popular podcasts—featuring artists, comedians, and an occasional medical professional. The show has been acclaimed by The Atlantic, Psychology Today, and The New York Times, which calls it "a perversely safe place in which he and his guests talk about their fears, addictions, and traumatic childhoods."

Rich Roll

Ultra Everything

episode 47


Did you hit the gym today? Good!

Our guest Rich Roll did as well, but he may have stayed a little longer...

As one of the Top 25 fittest men in the world(!) according to Men's Fitness magazine, Rich does not do anything halfway. A former lawyer who changed his life after one fateful and frightening walk up the stairs, he has become a popular podcaster and a #1 bestselling author with Finding Ultra: Rejecting Middle Age, Becoming One of the World's Fittest Men, and Discovering Myself. Oh, and I guess we should mention that he once completed the Epic 5 Challenge—performing five ironman-distance triathlons on five Hawaiian islands in under one week.

Hear how ultra endurance is inevitably linked to ultra focus and why Rich credits mindfulness for keeping him moving when it' may seem impossible.


Scott Taylor, Ed.D

Near Death Adventures

episodes 45 & 46

Scott Taylor is not your typical small business consultant. Sure, the former CEO can help you launch and grow your business as good as anyone, but he also brings an added bonus—an expertise in guiding others through a Near-Death Experience (NDE). Okay, let us explain...

Scott teaches a 6-day workshop exploring near-death experience and is author and voice of “Into the Light”, a CD produced by The Monroe Institute, a Virginia-based center devoted to the work of Bob Monroe (1915-1995)—a successful businessman who was committed to pushing the boundaries of the human mind. Through the years, Scott and his colleagues have educated tens of thousands of people through the institute’s residential and outreach programs in the art of enhancing their mental abilities, resolving emotional conflicts, experiencing consciousness outside of time and space, and more.

Put on your seat belt and get ready for a serious trip as Scott details the journeys he's been on and describes how you might take one too.

Shawn Stevenson

The Model of Mindfulness

episodes 43 & 44


Shawn Stevenson.jpg

Shawn Stevenson has lived several lives: suburban dream, inner city survival, and now a path of being awake and in service. In the process, he's become an expert at empowering others to answer the harder-than-you-think questions of "why" and "how."

Now an author, speaker, and host of the very popular podcast "The Model Health Show," Shawn believes in creating a blueprint tailored to your specific goals and circumstance. If you still need to shine a light on some facet of your life, listening to this two-parter may just help you take that first step. 

Jason Garner

A Life That Matters

episode 42

Just imagine being in charge of putting on 20,000 concerts a year—for the likes of Beyonce, Jay Z, Coldplay, Shakira, and John Mayer. As the CEO of Global Music for Live Nation, Jason Garner was a busy guy with a lot of important people depending on him. Then one day, he found out his mom had stage 4 stomach cancer, and all that just sort of...didn't matter anymore. Through six months of caring for her before she died, Garner came to realize that he needed more from life, and he set out to discover what that was. Traveling to China and spending hundreds of hours in training, he found a new path and tells the story of arriving on it in the book ...And I Breathed: My Journey From a Life of Matter to a Life That Matters. Hear what now inspires Garner each day and why he believes one doesn't need to lose their true self while discovering all they can be.

Ariel Garten

Happiness in a Headband

episode 41

Ariel Garten does not like sitting still. But she does like being happy. So when the neuroscientist, fashion designer, psychotherapist, artist, and CEO of InteraXon started using her own product, Muse—a headband that acts as a brain fitness tool to help people start meditating—she was thrilled to discover the benefits of a mindfulness practice. Hear her explain how it might just change your life, and why mindfulness is the key to so many new beginnings. Also, check out her recent TED talk titled "Know thyself—with a brain scanner."

The Big 4-0

Have Pete & Jay learned anything?

episode 40

On the occasion of celebrating 40 episodes, Pete & Jay look back at their eclectic list of guests and see if they can draw a few life lessons. Pete shares how mindfulness made a big difference during a recent family medical trauma and Jay expounds on the merits of texting less. Also in the episode—Jay struggles to understand physics and Pete talks more about his 6-pack. Enjoy!

Anthony Del Broccolo

What's So Funny About Anxiety?

episode 39


Armed with the savvy and wisdom only a Sagamore Junior High education provides, and that one expects from a former Burger King "Employee of the Month," Anthony Del Broccolo is currently a writer and producer on the hit CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory (his credits also include Cheap Seats: Without Ron Parker, Lil' Bush, Zooey 101Drake & Josh, and All That). And though he's spent his career making millions laugh, the Long Island native endured decades of depression and anxiety—until he was able to name his issues and confront them head on. Through years of hard work, he's picked up some very practical tools for identifying and managing anxiety. 

Do yourself a favor and give this one a serious listen. And then, do Anthony a favor and go watch the Big Bang Theory. (Hey, good ratings do wonders for stress too.)


Vincent Horn

Mind Hack Attack

Episode 38 

A self-proclaimed mindhacker, Vincent Horn is using the most modern forms of communication to translate the ancient art of staying present. In addition to starting the wildly popular Buddhist Geeks podcast, Vincent speaks and teaches all over the world—an endeavor that has inspired Wired UK to put him on their Smart List of "50 people who will change the world.”

In this episode, we hear just how Vincent was led toward this lifestyle, why he feels compelled to share it, and what happens in the highly rare, occasional moments when he loses his cool.

Pat Flynn

Smart Passive Meditator

episode 37

It might seem like the guys catching the ball on the 50 yard line usually wind up with all the glory, but for Pat Flynn, playing trumpet in the University of California–Berkeley marching band helped put him on the path that would lead to fame and fortune.

Now a world-renowned blogger, podcaster, marketer, and educator on all things business start-up, Pat has built an empire with his unique brand of communication over at But like anyone who wants to keep ahead, he was intrigued when he heard of more and more business leaders taking up this meditation thing. And so Pat tried it too—and the rest is history.

Hear Pat describe his own techy approach to meditation, and how the practice is helping him tackle what promises to be a year full of happy challenges.  

Raghu Markus

Turning the Corner

episode 36

Raghu 2014.JPG

What do you do when you're running a rock music station and having a good ol' time up in Montreal and suddenly you hear someone on tape—filled with this bizarrely overwhelming vibration of love and peace and light—and you can only describe it as feeling finally "at home"?

Simple. Devote your life to their practice.

It's worked out pretty well for Raghu Markus. After meeting Ram Dass in the late 1960s, he went on to spend years in India with him and their spiritual guide, Neem Karoli Baba Maharaji. These last decades have been filled with music and transformational media, having launched Triloka Records and Karuna Music, which included such artists as Krishna Das, Hugh Masekela, Walela, and Jai Uttal. Media projects have featured Ram Dass, Deepak Chopra, and Les Nubians. 

Currently the executive director of of Ram Dass's Love Serve Remember Foundation, Raghu Markus also co-hosts the podcast "Mindrolling" on the Mindpod Network, which he helped to create. Listen to them. Learn some truth!

Also—hear some of the Maha Mantra chant that Raghu markus recorded at an Ashram in the Himalayas.

But first, hear him break down the path to all things right here in Episode 36!

Dr. Ellen Langer, Ph. D.

The Mother of Mindfulness

episode 35

Feeling lethargic? Does life just seem dull and gray?

Then you MUST listen to our interview with Ellen Langer, best-selling author and Harvard professor of social psychology who has been dubbed the "mother of mindfulness." How much more convincing do you need? She has authored 11 books and more than 200 research articles. And she's going to tell you why making some very simple changes in how you perceive the world can have a very profound impact on how you live.

So what are you waiting for? Sit up, put down your phone, and just press play!

And afterwards, be sure to check out and for links to her books and lots more information.   Also, this recent New York Times article is an excellent read.

Allan Lokos

Through the Flames

Episodes 33 and 34

Most people get frustrated throughout the day—an unwanted assignment at work, a leaky sink at home. But there are some experiences that forever put those things in perspective. 

Our guest in Episode 33, Allan Lokos, survived a plane crash in Myanmar on Christmas Day in 2012. Four doctors believed he would not live, but after a mighty struggle to endure, he's now regained much of the life he knew before the crash. Hear Allan explain the seemingly impossible road he took to get back and why his years of practicing and teaching meditation were key to his ability to persevere.

You can also read his story in the new book Through the Flames: Overcoming Disaster Through Compassion, Patience, and Determination.

Elizabeth Healy, L. Ac.

Getting to the Point on Acupuncture

episode 32


You've tried it all. You're searching for relief. Well, Meditate This! is here to offer options. In Episode 32, we present the wonderful Elizabeth Healy—owner and practitioner at West Village Acupuncture—who explains how the treatment works, who it might be right for, and what this thing called "Qi" (or "Chi") actually is. She also shares her own inspiring story of personal transformation Take a listen and get some clarity!

Mindfulness Schmindfulness

Anger from All Angles

Episode 31

When was the last time you felt really angry? Oh? You don't get angry?  Cool.

But we don't believe you.

We asked Americans what makes them angry and they responded.  We picked the four most tantalizing answers you could ever imagine!

In episode 31, Pete and Jay break down why anger is as natural as feeling tired or hungry, and how blasting heavy metal might be a perfect way to manage it.

Genny Kapuler

Stand Well

Episode 30

A former modern dancer in New York City, Genny Kapuler grew up in a time before "spirituality" was a thing you talked about at brunch. She started studying yoga in 1976 and became a teacher in 1990. Twenty-five years later, she is one of New York's legendary Iyengar instructors, working out of her wonderfully oh-so-Bohemian loft on Wooster Street in Soho.  With a strong understanding of anatomy, Genny guides her students toward a deeper awareness of their bodies and the way they move through the world.  Funny, thought-provoking, and no-nonsense, hear what Genny means when she says "we're all in this together".

Read more on Genny's perception of time.

Not Extremely Deep Thoughts #3

Now Now Now!!!

URgency care is free for you today

The Oxford English dictionary defines "urgency" as... wait. Forget it! We don't have time for elaborate definitions and meditations on how to proceed. Let's all take a quick look at what we're making excuses for in our lives and get down to business. In this episode, Jay (aka- "The King of Procrastination") challenges us all to stop wasting energy on why we can't do something and to focus on starting. Like, today.

Not Extremely Deep Thoughts #2

45 Seconds to the New You

Tweaking your way to success in the new year

Because Jay is inherently lazy, he's by far the best person to offer advice on how you can transform yourself in the new year. All it takes is one tiny tweak to your routine--like walking a block out of the way of saying hello to a stranger. 

So put down that long list you're making, give this episode a listen, and keep it simple. 

Not Extremely Deep Thoughts #1

Pete Opens the Robe

straight talk about turkey and meditation

Pete has stepped in with a highly no-nonsense and helpful guide to doing that thing we're always talking about on Meditate This! Yup, meditation. 

Hear why Pete doesn't care if you like him (he so does) and why it's okay if your meditation makes your mind race even more (it's inevitable). Also, it's funny. 

This is THE first installment of a soon-to-be wildly popular series titled "Not Extremely Deep Thoughts." Sit back, relax, and enjoy. And remember this moment when you're watching Pete & Jay accept the Nobel Prize for Peace in 2032.

Rev Kat Katsenis-Semel

(Episode 26)

Explore the unseen world all around us by gaining new sight and perspective from Reverend Kat Katsanis-Semel. A professional intuitive with clients around the world, Kat has studied with Deepak Chopra, writes regularly for the Huffington Post, and is the Mindfulness Chaplain at NYU. 

In this talk—which Pete believes somehow gave him powers of intuition, too—we focus on the notion of knowing and how we can all look a little closer at the signs and patterns in our lives. Just don't expect Pete to guess what number you're thinking. 

(photo: Goldalee Katsanis-Semel)



(Episode 25)


Is it funny? (maybe)

Is it insightful? (debatable)

Is it under a half hour? YES!!! 

So listen to Episode 25 where Pete And Jay talk about their experiences moving and the messy art of real change.  

(pictured: Ozzie Falker after his most recent transformation from shaggy dog to cool Floridian)

Cami Smalley

(Episode 24)

Good luck finding Cami Smalley in a bad mood! As a health and wellness coach and founder of NurseLife—which specializes in holistic wellness, positive psychology coaching, personal growth, and stress management—she's always got a smile and a plan for those in need. And like any great coach, Cami is direct and action-oriented, so get ready for some sound advice on how you can change the patterns in your life and strengthen the roots that keep you grounded in the most difficult times.

On his Twitter page, @liamwilson describes himself as, of course, the bass player for Dillinger Escape Plan—a math-core (that means they play really complex stuff) band whose "One of Us Is The Killer" was named the #7 metal album of 2013 by Rolling Stone. But he also makes claim to being a "Good Vibe Technician," "Pillar Of Rock," piece of "Dust In The Wind," and "Modern-Primitive Whactivist." After listening to this wild ride of an interview (the very first for Meditate This with a bonafide rock star!) you'll get just what he means. And clearly we can all learn from a guy who meditates daily to help stay present in front of some of the craziest fans in all of rock-and-roll. 

So what exactly is Transcendental Meditation, or TM? Pete and Jay have heard those words countless times but never really understood the process and the purpose until they sat down with Mario Orsatti, director of special projects for the David Lynch Foundation

In a gripping two-parter, Yael Shy gives both beginner and long-time meditators sound advice on what to expect from a practice—and how to be sure it's right for you. As director of NYU's Center for Spiritual Life and The Mindfulness Project at NYU, Shy has years of experience teaching meditation and creating safe spaces for those who just want to dip a toe into this spiritual ocean.

      (Click for Episode Page)     Imagine gaining insight into the ancient wisdom of mindfulness while experiencing the absurdist banter that only Pete and Jay can deliver (aka: schmindfulness). In Part 1, hear the surprising origin story of the Meditate This! podcast, why Jay's plans to do laundry almost prevented it from happening, and how one marriage proposal was profoundly changed by something heard on the show. Part 2 chronicles Pete & Jay's journey into the Minnesota wilderness, explains how paddling a canoe almost did Jay in, and gives its due to homemade peach and blueberry pie. 


(Click for Episode Page)

Imagine gaining insight into the ancient wisdom of mindfulness while experiencing the absurdist banter that only Pete and Jay can deliver (aka: schmindfulness). In Part 1, hear the surprising origin story of the Meditate This! podcast, why Jay's plans to do laundry almost prevented it from happening, and how one marriage proposal was profoundly changed by something heard on the show. Part 2 chronicles Pete & Jay's journey into the Minnesota wilderness, explains how paddling a canoe almost did Jay in, and gives its due to homemade peach and blueberry pie. 

Amidst the struggle of coming to terms with the end of her old life, a new one began. A longtime Buddhist practitioner, Toni started writing through the pain and exhaustion that each day brings. Her first book, How to Be Sick: A Buddhist-Inspired Guide for the Chronically Ill and Their Caregivers began as a manual for herself, but she soon realized they were words others needed to hear. The work has since won two Nautilus Book Awards: a gold medal in self-help/psychology and a silver medal in memoir. It was also named one of the "Best Books of 2010" by Spirituality and Practice magazine.

Her second book, How to Wake Up: A Buddhist-Inspired Guide to Navigating Joy and Sorrow, coincides with her increased presence on social media, and a life now spent interacting with sick individuals all over the world. Her blog  “Turning Straw Into Gold” is published on Psychology Today's website.

While her story is serious, her words will make you feel light. And her advice may well help you better navigate both the easiest and the hardest times you'll ever experience. Give yourself a great gift today and take a listen.

Get one step closer to the meaning of life with Dr. Neil Theise, a diagnostic liver pathologist and world-renowned pioneer in stem cell research. Neil's career in science and medicine combined with his long-term practice of Zen Buddhism has opened new doors into thinking about consciousness, complexity theory, panpsychism, complimentarity, and other things Pete and Jay had never heard of before.  

In Part 1, Neil tells us how a heavily-attended funeral drove him to become a doctor, describes his pathway to pathology, and explains why Ronald Reagan was inadvertently responsible for many of the best things in his life.

In Part 2, Neil ties together his scientific and spiritual backgrounds.  Also, Pete and Jay try to discern whether their lives are any different than ants.

In Part 3, Neil expands on his Zen practice, what we can expect from meditation, and the notion of complimentarity.  In the end, he leaves Pete and Jay stumped with his final reference.  That just means we need another interview!

It's not everyday that an executive working in strategic alliances at BMO Financial Group in Toronto leaves to start a new company based on teaching mindfulness to corporate clients.  But that's just what Maria Gonzalez did when she founded Argonauta Strategic Alliances Consulting, which helps others create strategic alignment in a very mindful way.  Gonzalez is also the best-selling author of Mindful Leadership and The Mindful Investor, has taught at McGill University, recently launched the Mindful Leadership App, and writes a blog for the Harvard Business Review.  Hear just why we all can't afford not to be more mindful!

It's not everyday that an executive working in strategic alliances at BMO Financial Group in Toronto leaves to start a new company based on teaching mindfulness to corporate clients.  But that's just what Maria Gonzalez did when she founded Argonauta Strategic Alliances Consulting, which helps others create strategic alignment in a very mindful way.  Gonzalez is also the best-selling author of Mindful Leadership and The Mindful Investor, has taught at McGill University, recently launched the Mindful Leadership App, and writes a blog for the Harvard Business Review.  Hear just why we all can't afford not to be more mindful!

You've seen her on the Dr. Oz Show, the Today Show, and as the health expert on CNN's Headline News.  She wrote the best selling book What Doctors Eat, was the spokesperson for the American Academy of Pediatrics, and has taught at Emory University.  Now imagine you have 25 minutes with Dr. Taz Bhatia to ask her question after question about how to stay healthy - and why it's so hard.  Take a listen, and get ready to throw out all of your sugary groceries!

You've seen her on The Colbert Report and in TED talks. Her art has appeared on New Yorker covers, in several New York Times' series, and in books by Strunk & WhiteLemony Snicket, and Michael Pollan. Now hear the great writer/illustrator Maira Kalman describe how a lifelong propensity toward mindfulness led her to discover the art of meditation.  

You've seen her on The Colbert Report and in TED talks. Her art has appeared on New Yorker covers, in several New York Times' series, and in books by Strunk & WhiteLemony Snicket, and Michael Pollan. Now hear the great writer/illustrator Maira Kalman describe how a lifelong propensity toward mindfulness led her to discover the art of meditation.   

Dr. Richard Davidson was named one of Time magazine's Top 100 "most influential people in the world" for his pioneering fMRi research on the effects of meditation. Despite their total lack of education on the subject, Pete and Jay explore the spectacular depths of neuroscience with him. Don't miss it!

We're back with the amazing Sharon Salzberg talking more about happiness at work, measuring your meditation practice, and a quick lightening round.  What would Sharon be doing if she wasn't a meditation teacher?  Listen to find out.  Plus a preview of our next guest.  Don't miss it!

Hear Jay call her the “Michael Jordan” of Western mindfulness (Pete thinks LeBron James is a more current analogy) as the wonderful Sharon Salzbergbest-selling author, lecturer, and founder of the Insight Meditation Society—talks about how you can find peace and happiness at work no matter what you’re doing or whom you’re doing it with. 

Imagine two regular, regular guys get hold of a shiny microphone and manage to interview some of the world's leading experts about the science, spirituality, and art of living mindfully.  Well, that's Meditate This! But what's the show really about? What's the mission? In this very first episode, Pete and Jay give you the complete lowdown.